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Circular Consumption Calcylator (beta)

We wanted to calculate the environmental benefits that all the fantastic users of Swinga contribute to, and therefore we have created an AI bot that is great at this. And you know, shared joy and all that, so we want to share it with you. It's great for everyone working with circular initaitives and wanting to show concrete results!

Easy to Use

The calculator is built on the well-known ChatGPT and is very easy to use. It can also adapt to your preferences, for example, if you want to change something in the calculations. Works in all languages.

Honest Calculations

Many calculations of the climate benefits from circular consumption are somewhat misleading because they do not account for the fact that circular activities also have an environmental impact, can create increased transportation, and that each circulation does not always replace a new purchase. We have included all of this in our calculations.

Upload Spredsheets

For example, if you have a sales file, you can upload it and not only have the calculator compute the environmental benefits, but also receive an updated document with all the values included! Feel free to also ask it for calculations on other aspects such as reduction of waste, water usage, and chemicals.

Would you like to access the calculator?

Fill in your email address and purpose, and we will send you a link via email!

Thank you! A link will be sent via email!

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